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Each of these basement leak solutions is appropriate for some situations and none are good for all situations.

Q: How do you know what is best for you?

A: That depends on how water is getting into your basement and your situation. The different solutions include Crack Fill, Sump Pump, Dig Out and/or Drainage System

Crack Fill

An interior crack fill is the right solution for water entering a basement from occasional run off through a concrete crack. Often cracks form at the corner of basement windows. Occasionally run off from snow or rain runs down the basement wall at a window well or other crack and leaks into the basement. High pressure interior crack fills are an inexpensive and effective way to solve this problem. Dealing with the outside water drainage problem is a key part of this solution. The cost is around $600.

Crack Fill

Dig Out

Even though a high pressure interior crack fill is effective and inexpensive sometimes other costs make it more expensive. Sometimes the repair of a basement development makes the interior crack fill unsuitable. In this case the dirt outside of the foundation wall can be dug out and the crack can be fixed from the outside, either by high pressure injection or a waterproof membrane. The cost of a dig out is $1500 - $2000.

Sump Pump

In other cases a wet basement is not caused by surface run off. Water can also enter a basement because of a high water table in the ground. In this case water comes upward from below the foundation and enters through cracks in the floor and around the perimeter of the floor. A sump pump is installed in a plastic can in a hole under the floor. Water drains through the gravel under the concrete into the sump pump can and then it is pumped out of the basement. The cost of a sump pump is around $1500-$2000.

Crack Fill

Drainage System

On occasion water enters a basement through a flow of water through the soil such as an underground stream. Houses on hillsides often have this type of basement leak. In this case water impacts the foundation wall on one side and flows into the basement under the basement wall and through any cracks that may be there. This situation is called hydraulic pressure. The cracks should be sealed but this water invasion cannot be stopped altogether because it exerts a constant pressure on the concrete wall. It cannot be effectively collected in a sump pump alone because it often comes under the wall and then flows up onto the floor. In this case the water must be collected in an interior drainage system installed under the concrete at the affected wall and then piped to a sump pump where it can be pumped out. These systems usually start at $2500.

Crack Fill

What our Customers say:

ConCrack was highly recommended to me when I mentioned flooding in our basement due to an unknown leak in the foundation walls. Mark and his team were onsite within 24 hours, pinpointed the leaks ā€“ actually, a large crack running down from a window, as he had suggested might be the case ā€“ and they got right to it. I also showed him a second, smaller leak in another basement room. It turned out to be much harder to plug, but Mark and his team were persistent, eventually getting it filled with their epoxy.

ConCrack was fast, polite, and effective. After testing the repaired wall with a hose, and following 3 days of steady rain, Iā€™m pleased to say the leaks have stopped. Pricing was very reasonable, and the service excellent.

I can wholeheartedly recommend ConCrack for concrete wall/foundation repair.

Satisfied conCrack Customer
- B.H., Homeowner